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Metaglue Corporation was founded in 2002 to help companies take advantage of emerging file transfer and metadata standards. Early adopters sought to evolve from videotape and serial digital infrastructures that limited process throughput and were expensive to implement and maintain.

Today’s modern media facility is pushing further into automated processes and end-to-end analytics to constantly improve performance and capabilities across logistically abstract infrastructures and consumption diversity.

How we can help

Metaglue focuses on understanding your business challenges, assisting when and where transformative technology solutions make sense. This relationship is ongoing and usually transcends active projects…

Our typical client profile includes:

  • media companies, from the global giants to boutique specialists

  • post production facilities, both studio owned and independent

  • university and government entities, specializing in large scale media management

  • media & entertainment suppliers, focused on file-based workflows and ecosystems

We offer:

  • Product suites to view, analyze & modify MXF files.

  • SDK service packages building functional MXF systems.

  • Expert consultancy & tailored development.



Your one-stop shop for a First Line QC and Closed Captioning Viewer

Enhance your viewing pleasure with professional grade devices that you won't get with free viewers:

  • Multi-Paned & Broadcast Ready Captioning for DVS, SAP, and Others.​

  • Buffer Rate Metering for real time analytics.​

  • Specialist Filters for those with Protanopia, Deuteranopia & Tritanopia   ​

  • Integrated Media Browser so you never have to search for files outside MXF.TV.

Including Quality Control Tools:


  • Gamma Checker for Legal Colors 

  • Loudness History to monitor LUFS Levels for Broadcasting Requirements

  • Mark In/Out for returning segments that need additional fixing back to Post Production.

Metaglue serves customers that include broadcasters manufacturers, and studios worldwide.

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