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Get Your MXF Fix.

MXF.TV Anchor



Binary & XML representations of MXF files. 

MXFixer features tools to wrap & unwrap sets of essence files into MXF in accordance with the growing number of MXF application specifications and standard operational patterns. 


Custom Solutions

Overcome Obstacles with MXF

Metaglue can help design, engineer, and implement focused solutions that accelerate optimization in virtually any file-based media workflow.

MXFixer Anchor

Enhance your viewing pleasure with professional grade devices that you won't get with free players:

Multi-Paned & Broadcast Ready Captioning for DVS, SAP, and Others.

Buffer Rate Metering for real time analytics.

Specialist Filters for those with Protanopia, Deuteranopia & Tritanopia   

Integrated Media Browser so you never have to search for files outside MXF.TV.

All Features included in Basic plus Studio Grade QC Tools like:

Including Quality Control Tools:


Gamma Checker for Legal Colors 

Loudness History to monitor LUFS Levels for Broadcasting Requirements

Mark In/Out for returning segments that need additional fixing back to Post Production.

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